Recommended Reading

January 16, 2009

I strongly recommend you to read this editorial piece by a Sri Lankan journo. Great post by a great guy. May he rest in peace.


National Shame

November 29, 2008

When the whole world is aghast with the terror in Mumbai and wondering if the human society is at its shameful best, we are offered with something which will make the third rated cheap bastards called terrorists wince in shame. I really don’t know whether to cry for the innocents who had died or feel pissed off with the hyenas trying to make hay on the misery of innocents. This is a national shame

The New york Times reports

On Friday, front-page advertisements appeared in several newspapers in Delhi showing blood splattered against a black background and the slogan “Brutal Terror Strikes At Will” in bold capital letters. The ads signed off with a simple message: “Fight Terror. Vote B.J.P.”

I seriously don’t have words to describe these scumbags and people who encourage them.

Obama’s transition team member Sonal Shah was member of VHP

November 15, 2008

Evidence is here. Obama should send her out of the team and, if possible, keep her far away compared to even the Lobbyists. We don’t want Hindutva fundamentalists influence Obama Administration in any way.

Intelligence of Indian Media – I rest my case

November 15, 2008

CNN-IBN has this interview

CNN-IBN: We are now going for the sun, is there a satellite called Aditya?

Madhavan Nair: We are not going to the sun as of now. We’ll have a satellite to study the affect of solar radiation and earth’s atmosphere. It’s called Aditya and we are in the process of implementing it. It’ll take two years.

Sarah Palin and Africa: ROFL

November 13, 2008

I just cannot pass this without mentioning in this space. ROFL stuff.

Hey Advani

October 30, 2008

You are not the home minister. You have absolutely no idea who did it. Why are you using such a tragic incident for advancing your party’s political agenda. Even if they are responsible, doing politics at the time of attack is an indication of cheapness.

IBN Live reports

Senior BJP leader L K Advani on Thursday condemned the bomb blasts in Assam and said the terror attack highlighted the need to take action against illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

A picture says more than million words

October 26, 2008